The weather is heating up, and so is spring training

The first intrasquad game is set for 12:15 today, with Jason Schmidt starting for the “Koufax” team and Jonathan Broxton going for the “Drysdale” team. No, Broxton isn’t being converted into a starter. These guys are going to go, I believe, one inning apiece, maybe two at the most in the case of Schmidt. It’s supposed to hit 86 degrees today. … By the way, if you’re coming over here for spring training, WATCH OUT FOR THE SPEED CAMERAS. They’re all over Arizona, especially on the 101 Freeway near the complex, and several writers and Dodgers personnel have been nailed already this spring (not ME, of course, as I live here and know the perils). If you’re going 11 mph above the speed limit, you’ll get flashed and receive in the mail at your home in a few weeks a citation and a photo of the driver behind the wheel. There is a rumor going around that if you don’t pay them, they just disappear and there is no record that you were ever caught speeding. But so far, that’s an unconfirmed rumor, so don’t take my word for it. What I do know is that there is one judge in town who automatically throws these tickets out on general principle, but if you live in L.A., you’re not likely to want to come back to PHX to contest a speeding citation. Best advice I can give is that if you HAVE to speed — and really, who among us doesn’t? — set your cruise control at 8-9 mph above the limit, and you should be safe.

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  • karlo

    Speed Cameras ar not just for pitches anymore.

    You don’t get that kind of insightful info anywhere else in the Dodger blogosphere. Thanks, Tony

  • ELManiaco

    So are they Speed Cameras or Super X-Mo HD Cameras??