After looking into dodgersnation’s posted comment …

… I have discovered that the Dodgers’ ticket-office employee who left that voice mail got a little overzealous. I don’t want to mention the person’s name or throw him under the bus, and Josh Rawitch tells me this person is actually one of the more conscientious employees in that department. But after playing the voicemail recording for Josh and having Josh make a phone call for me, I have learned that this employee’s “inside information” was inaccurate. The Dodgers are not “on the verge” of signing Manny Ramirez. That isn’t to say it won’t happen tomorrow, this weekend or next month. But as of this moment, they don’t appear to be closing in on any deal. But thanks, dodgersnation, for posting that on your web site. It certainly gave us something to get excited about, if only for a few minutes, on what has really been the first slow-news day of the spring. OK, back to whatever you were doing.

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  • ToyCannon

    The official Dodger site is reporting that Jason Schmidt has a sore shoulder after pitching one inning yesterday. It seems this guy will never be healthy again to pitch in the major leagues & the Dodgers will have floated $47 mill to him for one victory in 3 years. Here’s hoping that Eric Milton, Shawn Estes, or Claudio Vargas work out for the 5th starter if Schmidt is through.

  • Tony Jackson

    Actually, Schmidt’s quote in that story is this:

    “It was a little sore in an area where it should be sore.” isn’t a newspaper, but it is like a newspaper in one way: writers write the stories, but editors write the headlines. And the headlines don’t always jibe with what’s in the story.

  • Can’t say I’m that worried about it, TC… I’m sure every pitcher is a little sore after their first outing of the spring.

  • Tony nailed it apparently, as I think the headline has changed. 😮

  • Realist

    That voicemail has started to make the rounds at Dodger Stadium. People are getting a real kick out of it. Funny Stuff.


  • Dave R.

    Haha…I called and talked to the guy who supposedly left the VM – Alan Hall. Sounded a bit embarrassed. Wonder if Colletti cares about stuff like that.