Construction hitting close to home

They’re actually working in the media room this morning, and there is a clear sheet of masking film taped to the wall less than six inches from my laptop. There is still an endless parade of guys in hard hats and orange vests walking through on a regular basis, and the other day, a couple of guys set up a ladder in the clubhouse, a few feet from the lockers of Delwyn Young and Jason Repko, and did something in the ceiling. One of the guys climbed the ladder and pushed aside a ceiling tile, and the whole upper half of his body disappeared into the ceiling, all this while Dodgers players dressed and prepared for that morning’s workout while apparently not even noticing that there was a ladder in the middle of the clubhouse and a torso-less pair of legs hanging down from the ceiling. We’re actually leaving here in about five weeks, so it’s hard to imagine they’ll actually get the place finished at any point. To see it in its full glory, you’ll probably have to wait until 2010. Right now, there are a lot of big, unpaved parking lots and several large pieces of Caterpillar construction parked all over the place.