Five Dodgers named to final WBC rosters

Only two of them, Jonathan Broxton (USA) and Russell Martin (Canada) are 40-man roster guys. The others are infielder Luis Maza (Venezuela), outfielder Val Pascucci (Italy) and catcher Kenley Jansen (Netherlands). Jansen, who is from Curacao and speaks, like, five languages, is the only one who isn’t in big-league camp. These guys are all expected to leave on Sunday.

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  • dodgersjmedina

    Hey Tony, are the spring training games going to be on the 790 this year…

  • grumpy3b

    I just have such mixed feelings about this WBC thing. I really do not like seeing Broxton in there. Right now he is the ONLY true option the Dodgers have as a closer. And Martin, well, he already has problems at the end of the season and getting into real competitive situations so early could spell problems later in the season. Martin is just so enthusiastic I can see him as willing to “lose a limb” in order to win a game, even in the WBC. ūüėČ

    And yeah, I know there are now some limitations on how players are used in the WBC. Still, when key players which teams depend on heavily are in these games it is a tad unsettling as a fan. I imagine Torre and the staff are none too thrilled either.