Rookie hazing: It’s not just for rookies anymore

As today’s abbreviated workout was finishing up, Joe Torre called the entire team together on one of the back fields and announced that everyone was going sprint from home plate to first base and then second base, one at a time, before heading back to the clubhouse. He told speedy newcomer Orlando Hudson, the veteran 2B who was signed last weekend to a one-year, $3.38 million contract, to “show everyone how it’s done.” Hudson obliged, burning his way up the line, making a tight turn and then pulling into second as teammates cheered him on in the background. As Hudson arrived at second, he stopped and turned around, whereupon he saw the rest of the team walking off the field. And a good laugh was had by all.
“He got me,” Hudson said a few minutes later in the clubhouse. “That is the first time I had a joke played on me by a coach since I have been in the game. But it’s good if it keeps everybody loose, because if you play this game tight, you won’t have any success at all. I didn’t expect that from Mr. Torre. The first voice I heard was Russell Martin saying, `That-a-boy O-Dawg!.’ I turned around, and everybody was walking away. It was just a fun thing. It’s all good.”

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  • ToyCannon

    They must like O-Dawg to do that to him. Gotta love his attitude; O-Dawg was an outstanding signing & I think will have a solid year. With him & Furcal at the top of the order, they will drive opposing pitchers crazy getting on base all the time.