Tidbits for tomorrow’s Cactus League opener

Russell Martin, Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson WON’T be making the bus trip to Mesa to play the Cubs. Torre said he wants to keep his new doubleplay combo together, so they’ll either make trips together or stay back together, and tomorrow, they’re staying back. He said Martin will catch a couple of games before leaving next week for the WBC, but Jonathan Broxton will pitch only once before he leaves for the WBC. … At the Dodgers’ request, both teams will use the DH in tomorrow’s game even though it involves two N.L. clubs. … The bus leaves the Dodgers’ complex at 9:30 a.m., phx time, and the Dodgers will take batting practice at HoHoKam Park in Mesa because this is one of the longer trips of the spring — actually THE longest of the non-Tucson trips. For the shorter trips, the team will take BP in Glendale and then bus over.

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  • ToyCannon

    Two words I’ve been waiting since October to hear: PLAY BALL!!!

  • PLH55

    I’m coming out in a couple weeks for four games. Is it possible to watch BP at Glendale before they leave for road games?

  • Tony Jackson

    Yes, all workouts are open to the public and free of charge