Rick Monday out with the flu

Not sure yet who is going to fill in on the broadcast, but Josh Suchon and Ken Levine are both here, so guessing it’s going to be one of them. … Just a small note to that ticket-office employee who has become a national story this morning, although thankfully, ESPN was merciful enough to bleep out his name when playing that voicemail recording over and over and over again: this, too, shall pass.

Here is today’s lineup
LF Pierre
C Ausmus
RF Ethier
1B Loney
3B Blake
CF Kemp
2B DeWitt
DH Young
SS Abreu

RHP Vargas

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  • phillydodger

    Any thoughts on why the D’s never seriously pursued Randy Johnson? He had something like a 2.41 ERA after the All-Star break last year and is five wins from notching 300!

    Wasn’t he worth the 8 mil one year contract the Giants gave him? He would have been a veteran presence on a (at best) shaking rotation.

    Also, did the team ever consider bringing back Gagne?
    Do you think (as many do) that the D’s will make Pedro Martinez an offer depending on his showing in the WBC?

    Again, wouldn’t The Big Unit have more left in the tank than Pedro?

  • Buddy

    I nominate Tony to be the color analyst along with Charlie Steiner.