Ned arrives, speaks to media, doesn’t say much

He wouldn’t say whether this is the Dodgers’ final offer. He did say Boras told him they would get back to the Dodgers in a day or two. He said yesterday’s meeting was thrown together rapidly, that he was on his way to yesterday’s game when he exchanged a series of text messages with Boras — Ned was careful to say that he pulled over so he wasn’t texting and driving. When the meeting was arranged — Ned confirmed that HE requested the meeting, not Boras — Ned turned the car around, headed to the airport, bought a ticket and caught a flight. “I was in the double-digit Bs by then,” he said, and if you fly Southwest at all, you know exactly what that means.

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  • thinkblue

    HAHA, colletti flying super-economy on Southwest? That’s rich. I can just imagine finding my seat on the plane and sitting next to Ned Colletti. That would be pretty awesome to talk Dodgers with him.

  • Tony Jackson

    Actually, if you have to get from PHX to L.A. quickly, Southwest is about the best way to do it, and I believe that is the only airline that goes nonstop from PHX to Burbank. So this had nothing to do with being cheap.

  • thinkblue

    no doubts there, it’s just would be a funny situation to find yourself in as the person squeezing into the center seat next to colletti. though one could quip that it’s the dodger’s way of saving a few to throw more at Ramirez.

    Great work Tony Jackson, keep it up.