Like a home game, only on the road

Attendance has been noticeably down through these first four days of Cactus League play — it HAS to be the economy — but, not surprisingly, Dodgers fans have been turning out, perhaps not in the overwhelming numbers the club expected for its first spring in Arizona but they have been turning out fairly well. A couple of innings ago, the PA guy here at Hi Corbett Field asked how many people were from Denver, then asked how many people were from Los Angeles. Although the loudest reaction came when he subsequently asked how many people were from Tucson, it was still notable that the Los Angeleses were much louder than the Denvers. And this is a two-hour drive from Glendale. The first game at the new complex is tomorrow against the White Sox.

  • Luke McCain

    To me, spring training means getting close to the players and coaches, wandering around the complex and just taking in the ambiance of a new year. It turns me off that it is viewed as another profit center by management with the intent of squeezing every last dollar from the fan base.

  • Dave R.

    I’ll be there a week from Thursday. Tony – do you go to all the games? I’d love to shake your hand and thank you for all the work you do here.

  • Tony Jackson

    Dave, I’m around every day and usually pretty easy to spot, especially if you’re on the back fields for the morning workout. Hope to see you.

  • Dave R.

    Cool…I’ll certainly try and track you down.