Nothing new yet, but the day is young

I have been trying to come up with an analogy for this whole thing, and the best I could do was this: It’s like a messy divorce, where the two parents are fighting over custody of their only child, each one believing they have the moral high ground and each one trying to paint the other as unfit — but nobody ever stops and asks the kid what HE wants, which parent he wants to live with, etc. In this case, the kid is Manny Ramirez, and it would seem to me that this story has blown up over the past three days in a way that what MANNY wants has been all but ignored. It’s all about what Frank McCourt and Scott Boras want, and they each seem to want to emerge from this thing victorious over the other. Meanwhile, the player, the guy who conceivably could make the Dodgers a 100-win team this year, continues to wait, 2,000 miles away, and spring training goes on without him. Opening day is now 37 days away.

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  • MN Dodger

    Tony – A story I’d like to see is one about the effect this all has on the other Dodgers – the one’s in camp, ready to give it their all for Dodger Blue.

    I want to know: what effect does it have to consistently hear that you can’t win without Manny; what effect is there to having your sense of optimism and excitement overshadowed by the focus on one guy that is not even in Spring Training; what effect is there for guys who have this Negotiation Debacle hanging over their heads most directly (Pierre, Repko, etc.)? Does this whole Manny thing risk a long-term, possibly damaging effect on the Dodgers, whether they sign him or not?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’d like to know what Torre is saying, and what the veteran players think about this.


  • joshburke2

    Never thought of it that way, Tony,that was a hot cup of coffee. Good analogy.

  • Andrea

    Maybe it’s time to fly “the kid” in from Florida and let him join the deliberations.

  • El Lay Dave

    Tony – the place where your analogy breaks down is that Manny Ramirez HIRED Scott Boras when there were two option years to go on his contract. I’m certain Boras is far more shrewd than any of his clients, but when a player hires Boras, especially in the middle of the contract and while he already has representation, he is already stating where he stands.


    Both sides are so dysfunctional. McCourt is cheap & disingenuous, Boras/Manny greedy & deceptive. The fans suffer.
    February 28, 2009 7:42 AM


    I suppose so, but one huge difference is that Boras does not give a tinker’s damn what we fans think of him. He also seems to be set in the idea that as long as his client produces on the field, the fans will soon forget how the contract negotiations went. McCourt, of course, must worry about PR – he still has to sell directly to the public – and because of that, he has committed the larger faux pas, claiming transparency, but not disclosing the huge detail of the deferred money.

    If Manny signs and performs, many of the fans will soon forget all of this, especially the moment he goes deep for his first HR at DS. But if he is subpar or is perceived to be dogging it, the fans have elephant’s memories, and all will find out that LA fans are intense after all.

  • bryboiblue

    The problem with the analogy, Tony, is that not only did Manny hire him, but Manny can get rid of him at any time, just like what A-Rod did last year, when it became clear instead of trying to negotiate a good-faith deal with the Yankees, Boras instead tried to leverage the Yankees’ negotiations to get a better offer from another team — thereby pissing off the Yankees front office much the way he’s doing with the Dodgers now.

  • Tony Jackson

    Good points, Dave and boiblue. I’m a big believer that life is all about choices, and my analogy notwithstanding, in the end, it’s Manny who has CHOSEN not to take charge of these negotiations himself. Another example of a Boras client (Beltre, Drew, Hochevar, etc) who seems to lose sight of the fact that Boras works for THEM and not the other way around.

  • AZShaker

    Interesting points being made.

    I agree Tony that it does seem like Manny works for Boras, (as in Boras uses this process to further his own agenda).

    But, Manny is under no obligation to defer anything. It is not a matter of how much he needs or doesn’t need. No one “needs” 25 million dollars per year in salary. But, in the fantasy world of MLB, why should Manny pick up the burden of giving McCourt a break. With MLB recording record revenues, FM can go get a loan, (and not from the bank of Manny).

    Boras is a prick, but Frank looks like the dick.

    Manny production >>>>>>>>> Pierre production

    Manny 2009 paycheck = Pierre 2009 paycheck (roughly)

    That is completely wrong. Since Ned and Frank can’t be that stoopid, did they really intend to sign Manny at all? I don’t think they do.