Tony Abreu update

He had an X-ray that came back negative, which is good news, but he’ll have an MRI on Monday to make sure. It’s the same part of his groin that sidelined him last year, but no one seems especially concerned. … DeWitt just made a beautiful play, going so far to his left as to cut across the bag, to retire the first Rockies hitter of the game, Eric Young Jr. So far, the kid looks like a natural. … Torre says Doug Mientkiewicz probably will play for the first time in Monday’s B game against the Brewers. There is no Cactus League game that day. Not for nothing, but can you really call a B game a B game if there is no A game? … Speaking of Eric Young Jr., file this one in the “you-know-you-are-getting-old-when” department. The Eric Youngs mark the first time in my career I have covered games involving both ends of a father-son tandem. Big EY was the Rockies second baseman when I first started covering the Rox as a backup guy at the Rocky Mountain News in 1995. More on the dearly departed RMN in my next post, coming in a few minutes.

Blake DeWitt to make his SS debut today

Remember baseball, that game played by nine guys on each side with a bat, ball and gloves? I’m not sure I ever even got around to posting here yesterday that the Dodgers lost 18-2 to the Seattle Mariners (it was 18-0 until Mitch Jones hit a two-run bomb in the ninth). Today, the boys are playing the Colorado Rockies down in Tucson, and they will get their first look at Blake DeWitt at shortstop in a game. If he can show that he is versatile enough to play enough positions that he can get enough at-bats, he’ll have a chance to make the club even after the addition of Orlando Hudson. But the guess here is that for a young player who to a large degree is still developing, it’s going to be really, really hard to get him enough at-bats in the big leagues as a utility guy to justify keeping him there. But what do I know?

Nothing new yet, but the day is young

I have been trying to come up with an analogy for this whole thing, and the best I could do was this: It’s like a messy divorce, where the two parents are fighting over custody of their only child, each one believing they have the moral high ground and each one trying to paint the other as unfit — but nobody ever stops and asks the kid what HE wants, which parent he wants to live with, etc. In this case, the kid is Manny Ramirez, and it would seem to me that this story has blown up over the past three days in a way that what MANNY wants has been all but ignored. It’s all about what Frank McCourt and Scott Boras want, and they each seem to want to emerge from this thing victorious over the other. Meanwhile, the player, the guy who conceivably could make the Dodgers a 100-win team this year, continues to wait, 2,000 miles away, and spring training goes on without him. Opening day is now 37 days away.