Boras/Manny statement refutes idea that Manny isn’t aware of offers

This just arrived in the in-box, courtesy of Boras associate Luis Garcia. First, it refers to Boras’ latest proposal to the Dodgers, which Frank McCourt said this morning the club isn’t even considering because there are no negotiations on-going at the moment. Then, it includes a statement from Manny Ramirez making it clear that he HAS been kept in the loop on negotiations.

Here is the statement:

“We have continued to work with Ned and the Dodgers to do away with the artificial barriers and attempt get a deal completed. There is no issue with deferred money being part of any contract; just want to make sure the value is stated accurately and appropriately.
“Our most recent offer Saturday morning covered two years with some deferred compensation ($43.5m net present value). Manny directed me to compromise between the Dodgers last offer of $42 million net present value ($45 million with deferred compensation) and our $45 million dollar without deferred money. However, we have yet to hear from them on our last three offers.”

The statement also included this from Manny himself:

“I would not allow negotiations to take place without being involved and talk to Scott nearly every day” said Manny. “I have given Scott offers that he has given to the Dodgers and he has given me all offers from the team.”