McCourt says there was a reason for Dodgers’ transparency on offers to Manny

He seemed to suggest that club officials were suspicious that if they didn’t make their offers public, those offers would never make it to Manny Ramirez before Scott Boras rejected them.
“The purpose was to let Manny know we wanted him,” Frank said. “We just wanted to make sure he knew.”
When I pressed him on this, asking him specifically if he was suggesting that Boras hides offers from his clients, Frank didn’t bite. (More specifically, I referred to several other dealings with several other Boras clients, which I laid out on this blog a few nights ago, and whether Dodgers believed Boras had rejected Dodgers’ offers to those clients without the clients being made aware of those offers).
“I’m not comfortable getting into that,” McCourt said. “To me, that is all water under the bridge.”
What McCourt did say was that negotiations are back at square one, that there is no offer on the table and that THERE WILL BE NO MANNY NEWS TODAY. Today, he said, is about the glorious opening of Camelback Ranch, where the Dodgers and White Sox will tee it up in about 90 minutes.