Report: Mike Easler files grievance against Dodgers

This ran this morning in Newsday. Ken Davidoff had the story. Seems to me Easler doesn’t have much of a case given that he turned down a job offer. But whatever. Here is the story:

When Don Mattingly, dealing with a divorce, decided he couldn’t begin the
2008 season as the Dodgers’ hitting coach, the team promoted Triple-A
hitting coach Mike Easler. A year later, Easler, out of work, has filed a
grievance with MLB concerning LA’s treatment of him, according to his
agent, Burton Rocks
“The Dodgers handled Mike’s coaching situation in such a manner that, by
the time Mike was able to contractually seek other employment, all coaching
spots had been filled by other clubs,” Rocks wrote in an e-mail. “Mike’s
loyalty to the Dodgers and to his contract has now left Mike sitting at
home without health insurance.”

Easler, known as “Hit Man” in his playing days, served until the All-Star
break, at which point Mattingly (Easler’s teammate with the 1986 and 1987
Yankees) replaced him. Easler spent the rest of the year as a roving
hitting instructor for the Dodgers.

After the season, Easler said, the Dodgers offered him a 2009 position as
the Class A hitting coach. He initially declined the de facto demotion.
Later, he asked for a scouting position and was told such a job wasn’t

The Dodgers declined to comment on the matter.

  • Dave R.

    Loser. Get ready for him to pull the race card next.

  • ToyCannon

    What makes Mike Easler a loser? He helped the Dodgers out last year when Mattingly was having problems & then he’s out of a job. He might not have a case, but this is another example of how McCourt treats people. Just ask Ross Porter, David “Bones” Dickson (Dodger clubhouse mgr. for 15 yrs.), and other Dodger Stadium employees how treacherous McCourt is. No wonder this economy is so dismal with you guys always siding with management. The McCourts are narcacistic.

  • Luke McCain

    Was he offered the Single A job at the same salary that he made in Triple A? If not, then I think he has a valid argument against the Dodgers. He could have stayed at Las Vegas and now Albuquerque if the Dodgers did not bring him up to sub for Mattingly. Now that Mattingly is back, Easler should get his old job back or another one with a similar salary.

  • Realist

    Easler has a history of “filing suits” against clubs.


  • ToyCannon

    Luke is correct: Easler was offered a demotion after helping the Dodgers out, giving up his AAA hitting coach position to fill in for Mattlingly. Then when Donny Baseball returned, Dodgers said thanks but no thanks to the Hitman. Loyalty runs both ways; something that is alien to the McCourts.