The Ballpark at Camelback Ranch is officially open

Too bad there are so many people still trying to get in. You can see a long line of cars streaming into the lot off Camelback Road. Hey, it IS a Dodgers’ home game, so might as well have it be just like Dodger Stadium, right? All in all, the day has been a success so far. A few glitches here and there, a few parking-lot attendants with attitudes, already a clogged toilet in the press box. But the stadium looks really nice from where I sit. You can’t even tell that a lot of the place is still a construction zone. And with all the cars in the lot, you can’t even tell that the lots are unpaved. … White Sox didn’t score in the top of the first, although Laynce Nix had a double. … If you have never been to a spring-training game, one thing they always announce is the temperature here and the temperature in the home cities of the teams. It usually means nothing for the Dodgers, who play in perpetually warm Los Angeles (today, the temp here is 81 at game time, 80 in L.A.). But they also just announced that it is 19 in Chicago.

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  • LASteve


    Are you going to give up any of your insider tips on how to avoid the traffic? Besides walk across the street from Casa Jackson, or do you bicycle over?

  • Realist

    Is it possible to get the mark texiera contact structure with the Yankees? Was any of it deferred?


  • Tony Jackson

    Doesnt’ appear to be any deferred money in the Teixeira contract. And the best way to beat the traffic is to get here EARLY. Be here for the morning workout.

  • LASteve


    On non Manny related free agent talk, hear any rumblings about bringing Joe Beimel back to the Dodgers?

  • The stadium looks really nice from where I sit too!!
    And the sound of Vinnie’s voice in my living room again makes life SO good!
    Can’t wait to be there!

  • Tony Jackson

    Joe Beimel’s name came up this morning. Torre claims the reason they didn’t want him back was that he wasn’t that good at coming in to face one LH batter and getting that batter out. That’s true of last year. But in previous years, before Torre got here, he was better at it.

  • LADodgerBlueFan

    Hi Tony,

    Do you know if they sell Dodger Dogs at Camelback?

  • LASteve


    I was the hair I tell you, the hair!

    Vinnie said on the broadcast that the Dodgers had 11 Lefties in camp, and the Beimel 4.25 ERA was nothing special last year.

    Thanks for the update.

  • Dave R.

    ” and the Beimel 4.25 ERA was nothing special last year. ”

    Beimel actually had a 2.02 ERA last season. It was a bit of a mirage though, as his 32:21 K:BB is a bit on the ugly side and lefties hit .278 against him. Clearly teams are looking beyond ERA these days which is good.

    Tony – was Plaschke responsible for the clogged toilet?

  • Tony Jackson

    Nope. Plaschke isn’t here. Yet.