White Sox 3, Dodgers 2

The boys blew a 2-0 lead in the ninth after pretty much dominating the game to that point. Kuroda, Eric Milton and Claudio Vargas eah threw two shutout innings, and Guillermo Mota mowed down the Sox in the seventh. After that, things kind of fell apart. Ramon Troncoso, who Joe Torre said hasn’t alerted him to any physical issues, struggled again, walking two of the three batters he faced before being lifted, and Victor Garate had to finish that inning. Then Scott Strickland, Carmen Cali and Edgar Martinez combined to cough in up in the ninth, although Martinez was just the poor sap who allowed an inherited runner to score while otherwise retiring all three batters he faced. Dodgers fall to 2-3. No Cactus League game tomorrow, just a B game with the Brewers at 9:30 a.m. (ugh!)

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  • Buddy

    Well, it was a good game considering the pitching is holding up. The Dodgers aren’t exactly looking to clinch the Cactus League championship.

    Tony, did you ever get word of the outfield dimensions of the new stadium? How the wind tends to blow?

  • ToyCannon

    Manny & McCheap are supposedly just $1.5 mill apart & Manny is now willing to take some deferred $$$, but McCheap has pulled the offer!? What a mess. I will write a check for the $1.5 mill difference to get it done. I will just have to defer the $1.5 mill to when I win the lottery.

  • Tony Jackson

    Buddy it’s 410 to center and 345 to RF. Couldn’t see the LF dimension from my press box seat

  • Buddy

    Thanks Tony. That’s a bit deeper than Dodger Stadium. Hopefully, the wind will carry at the bottom half of those innings.

  • phillydodger

    Good piece in the Chicago Tribune regarding how Camelback is pretty much a Dodger crowd…

    I must confess though, watching the game on delay on MLB Network, there was plenty of empty seats for the official opening day of the new facility. And while everyone raves about it, it look pretty generic to me, esp the Little League size batter’s eye in center field.

    Maybe the place will be rocking when Manny arrives!