DeJesus could miss the season

This according to Joe Torre, but Stan Conte said it’s too early to know for sure. DeJesus has a broken left tibia. He was admitted to a local hospital, at least overnight, and they will decide tomorrow whether to do surgery. Good thing the Dodgers signed Furcal for three more years. Tough break for a great kid. And again, it happened in a B game. The worst part is, he was hoping to play for Puerto Rico in the WBC, but he didn’t make the team. If he HAD made the team, he would have been thousands of miles away from Glendale this morning. Instead, he was here, breaking his leg in a home-plate collision.

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  • El Lay Dave

    Cripes that’s bad luck. Well, at least DeJesus is 21 – youth heals fast right? And if it’s a clean break, the recovery would at least be straightforward and not as bad as, say, blowing out his knee. Too bad. I have doubts he was making the big club, but missing AAA time this year isn’t good for his progress.

  • Denton True

    Man, I just hate to hear that kind of news from a B game with one of their top prospects. He’ll recover but it will sure be a lot of missed development time.

  • El Lay Dave

    Bilingsley broke his lower leg and was pitching in an ST game three months after his surgery. Three months from now is early June.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    El Lay,

    Billingsley “fractured” his leg, and this sounds like an actual “break”. Too often fractures are described as breaks. They’re not the same. Also this may not be the same bone that Billingsley fractured.

    I was at the game, standing just behind home plate. If memory serves me correct, De Jesus did not slide (as was stated in a story I read). When he hit the catcher’s shin pad there was a loud sound (or “thud” as Torre describes it). It sounded bad, and apparently was.

    Hopefully he will recover in time to play a full season of winter ball next year, which could, at least partially, compensate for the lost development time this summer.

  • grumpy3b

    cripes did the Dodgers have Pedro Guerrero in camp giving base running lessons?

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Actually, the story I read said that he did slide. As I remember it, he didn’t. Probably caught in-between as whether to slide or not. He did appear appear to be in considerable pain. Hopefully he heals fully and there are no lasting effects.

  • K Wolf

    The Dodgers should have Blake Dewitt learn to play short stop. He learned to play second last year, and he is definitely a good enough athlete to have him play short. Since Furcal is probably won’t be playing as many games so he can have time to rest his back. I think having another left-handed bat in the line up is definitely a good thing. Also, Dewitt proved last year that he deserves a chance to play. I would be really upset if they send him down to the minors because of a lack of a place to put him. Dewitt is a much better hitter than Hu and I am sure he could learn to field the position just as well. Bottom line is that Dewitt deserves to play and you need to find a spot for him.