Ivan DeJesus Jr. carted away

Nothing like losing one of your top prospects in a morning B game. It appears to be his left ankle, or maybe his left knee. He got hurt in a play at the plate, Looked like he got caught between sliding and barreling into the catcher, couldn’t make up his mind. He was down for several minutes before being hauled away on the cart. More when I know more.

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  • phillydodger

    great take on Manny by Jayson Stark, ESPN
    Manny’s Groundhog Day Edition

    Sunday, March 1, 2009 | Print Entry

    STUCK IN A MOMENT DEPT.: When you’re mixed up in a major free-agent negotiation with Scott Boras, you know it’s going to take a really really really long time. So you know you’re going to need patience, patience, more patience and also, well, patience. But on this Manny Ramirez front, Boras has outdone himself, even by his own slow-mo standards. Think about this. On Wednesday, it will be exactly four months since the Dodgers offered Manny a two-year, $45 million contract.

    And now, FOUR MONTHS LATER, what are these two sides still talking about? A two-year, $45 million contract. Is this the theater of the absurd, or what? How many weeks ago, how many months ago, would an agent who was a deal-maker have gotten this done? But not this agent. He’s so obsessed with squeezing every last non-deferred penny out of this contract that he has somehow allowed the offseason, for this player, to extend into March.

    Ridiculous. Just to give you an example of how easy it ought to be to finish off this deal at this point, I got a phone call from a veteran agent this weekend. He has no connection to this negotiation at all, on any level. Yet even he found himself thinking about one possible way to pull the plug on this marathon. Here’s his idea: The guaranteed portion of the contract would exactly match the Dodgers’ last proposal — $25 million in the first year, a $20 million player option in the second.

    But in order to sweeten the deal for Manny, there would also be a clause that could vest the player option — at $25 million. If Manny were to win a Silver Slugger, lead the league in any triple-crown category, finish in the top three in the MVP race or lead the team to a World Series this year, he could choose to stay for $25 million, or walk and become a free agent again.

    And if he vests the option and stays, a player option for a third year would be automatically added to the deal, at the same terms — $20 million under all circumstances, $25 million if he vests it via any of the feats listed above. Now don’t misunderstand this proposal. It might not be what the Dodgers have in mind, or what Manny has in mind. The agent wasn’t trying to solve this impasse himself. He was just laying it out there to demonstrate how easy it would be to find a solution to this mess. This deal should have gotten done weeks ago. Instead, it’s taken four months.


  • El Lay Dave

    Geez, I hope it ends up being not serious.

    Who was coaching third?

  • Tony Jackson

    I honestly didn’t notice who was coaching third, but I don’t think it was Bowa. I went inside a few minutes later and overheard Larry asking somebody, “What happened, was he sliding?” Larry had a bat in his hand and was wearing a windbreaker, and the game was still going on outside.