DeJesus to have surgery today, miss about four months

That’s just the roughest of rough estimates. Could be longer, could be shorter. He’ll have a rod put in today and then be on crutches for six weeks.

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  • Buddy

    How baseball players with rods and screws attached to their bodies get through airport security is beyond all my comprehension.

  • Dave R.

    Probably the same way normal people with pacemakers and other metals in their body do – through separate screenings.

  • ToyCannon

    Tony, not for nothing, but those 2 posts under “Boras/Manny Statements Refutes Idea…” from March 1 where 2 guys use F-bombs with one indicating McCourt’s wife should be “brutally so*******” should be taken down & they should be banned. I am critical of the McCourts but this is out of bounds & your blog should be no place for this kind of stuff.

  • dusto_magnifico

    I can’t see Pierre anywhere in the video! Worst signing EVER!