Prophetic words from Larry Bowa

Can’t remember whether I ever posted this on the blog, but I did write it in the paper. On the day of the first full-squad workout this spring, Dodgers 3B coach Larry Bowa held a baserunning tutorial. One thing that struck me that day was when he said this:

“If you’re in doubt, slide. The worst thing you can do is stand up and then at the last second decide to slide. That is how we break ankles.”

That also appears to be how Ivan DeJesus Jr. broke his tibia yesterday. And the thing is, there shouldn’t have even BEEN any doubt in this case, because on-deck hitter Juan Pierre was directly in DeJesus’ line of view yelling “Get down, get down, get down.” But this is what happens sometimes in sports, when an athlete has to make a split-second decision. It isn’t always the right one, especially when you are 21 years old. I’m betting Ivan DeJesus never makes this mistake again.

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  • dusto_magnifico

    I can’t see Pierre in the video. Most times you see the on deck batter waving his hands frantically down the third base line past home plate. Pierre isn’t even in view!