• Buddy

    The live broadcast of the game on Dodgers.com is quite grainy. It’s too bad they didn’t provide the “premium” view. You get what you don’t pay for I guess.

    Who’s the play by play guy announcing?

  • Steve the Fan

    I know Steve “tinkle guy” Lyons is part of the booth. Please tell him to stop saying that! Is it Ken Levine doing play by play.
    Also embrace Twitter. I love gettting the Kings update via Twitter with Rich Hammond. Not telling you how to do your job, but Twitter is awesome for this type of reporting.

  • Buddy

    Bob Wagner. Apparently he was the former radio announcer for the Anaheim Ducks.

  • Andrea

    I’ve also got the sound all the way up and can barely hear it. I’d go back to Gameday Audio, but it is fun to SEE the game!