The bees are buzzing, but so far, no honey

The national media is coming out of the woodwork, for obvious reasons. We are all kind of running around like crazy, but with noplace to go. Just a nervous energy, everyone running around talking on their cell phones, ignoring the fact that the Dodgers are actually working out on the back fields and the fact there is a game starting in a little more than an hour, with the hated Giants, no less. To what end, I can’t even begin to tell you. Last I heard, Ned and Joe were stuck in L.A. traffic on their way to the airport, not sure which airport and not sure whether they are flying commercial or on Frank’s jet. I am assuming there will be some sort of media thing with Ned when they get here (Joe will probably go straight to the dugout and manage if they get here before the game ends). I did get my picture taken with Steve Perry this morning, who was being escorted around the complex by equipment manager Mitch Poole (they’re good friends). The Giants beat writers are supposed to come over to the new pad for a cookout tonight, so I’m hoping this Manny business gets wrapped up during regular work hours. But I’m not counting on it. Lunch time now, then the game. I’ll check back in a bit.

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  • Andrea

    Traffic’s been nuts in SoCal today because of rain, not surprised Ned and Joe got stuck.

    Thanks for all the great reporting, Tony!