Dodgers 5, White Sox 4

The boys rallied for two in the bottom of the ninth on singles by Lucas May, Xavier Paul and Jason Repko and a walk to Mitch Jones, who didn’t have an extra-base hit for the first time in his past six games. The Repko single was the winner. … Hiroki Kuroda continued to make his case for the opening-day starter nod, retiring nine of the 10 batters he faced in becoming the first Dodgers starter to go three innings this spring. He gave up only a single to Alexei Ramirez. … Paul had two hits, including a home run, and is now batting .421 (8 for 19) in the Cactus League. … Stephen Randolph, a longshot candidate for the situational lefty role (long shot because he has limited experience as a situational guy), struck out all three batters he faced in the top of the ninth (Brian Myrow, Miguel Negron and Brent Lillibridge) to get the win. … Dodgers improve to 4-4. At the Cubs tomorrow.

  • KingErie

    Good to hear Paul coming along. Tony this is off subject, but heard there is a lot of talk today on MLBXM that the Yanks could contact the Dodgers about DeWitt’s availability. Someone else in a chat room(I know these can’t be trusted, but this guy is normally pretty trustworthy with his info) said that he heard very recently, that there is talk of a Kennedy for DeWitt deal in the works. Please tell me the Dodgers think more highly of DeWitt then this and it is just east coast media stirring up a story from nothing. But throw in Pierre and eat 0 of his contract and I could be swayed.

  • kensai

    Ian Kennedy is terrible. The only reason anybody cares about him is because Cashman linked him with Joba and Hughes when they were talking about Johan.

  • kensai

    On another off topic note, Diamond Leung got laid off. Ugh.

    Do you have job security, Tony? Because I don’t know of any other decent Dodger beat writers besides you two, and I need my info. 😮

  • dusto_magnifico

    Randolph looked impressive! That slider is Randy Johnson’esque. I think he would be a great replacement for Beimel. Perhaps better, especially since he has never had the opportunity to thrive in that role. As a reliever his numbers are pretty dang good. Looks like Colletti found his dimond in the rough for the Penn. I just hope he gets a decent shot.