Dodgers 5, Cubs 4

Randy Wolf pitched three shutout innings, allowing one hit, and has not pitched five shutout innings for the spring. The fact he is left-handed probably rules him out as opening-day starter because one would imagine Torre will stagger the righties/lefties. … Jeff Weaver pitched two shutout innings and has now pitched three shutout innings for the spring, but Torre said he still isn’t quite ready to think of the Weave as a starting candidate. Still, the fact he pitched two innings is a clear indication Joe isn’t ready to rule him out for that, either. … Doug Mientkiewicz went 1 for 3 with his second home run in nine at-bats this spring, also driving in a run with a bases-loaded, fielder’s choice grounder in the first inning. And, playing first base, he made a diving catch of a foul pop by Bobby Scales in the sixth inning. … Brian Mazone, a non-roster guy who could be a candidate for that situational lefty role the club is seeking to fill, came on with two outs and the tying run in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth and struck out Brad Snyder to end the game. … Dodgers go to 5-4 for the spring. Versus the Mariners tomorrow. … By the way, one of you asked about Jason Schmidt. He’s fine. He pitched two “innings” of live batting practice yesterday — that means faced a few hitters, sat down, got up and faced a few more hitters. He is taking his regular turns. They just aren’t in Cactus League games yet.

  • ToyCannon

    Manny tells espnews that he has no goals & nothing to accomplish–just wanting to watch his kids to grow up. What happened to the unfinished business he told Torre that the Dodgers had? For $45 mill you’d expect just maybe the player would have a goal of wanting to win the pennant. I guess that’s asking too much.

  • dodgersjmedina

    Toy, are you serious.. the fact that you took that ESPN exclusive interview as serious as ESPN did, makes you as gullible as they are. If I was sitting in that chair, I would have done the same thing he did. If you want him to tell you he has goals and has everything to accomplish, honestly, what good is that going to do. There are a lot of people that say they have goals and want to accomplish something, and never come through. If you want belief in Manny, and that he means business, read tony’s blog. Manny got in to workout at 6 a.m. to work out. He got in before anyone, and it is only spring training. I have heard a couple of Dodgers players say their goal is to win a championship, but are they there at 6 a.m. See TOY it is not about words, it is about action. I am a journalist, and the ESPN reporter was horrible, she should lose her job. How could Manny take her seriously when she didn’t take herself seriously in that interview. Send jeremy Schwapp or Bob Ley in. Manny answered his questions honestly, he loves his teammates and he loves his fans, and he loves L.A. So just stop being so negative, what more do you want from this guy. TOY, you must be from Boston…Cause you can’t honestly believe that garbage you wrote.

  • BruinFBBB

    There is always something to complain about isn’t there?

    Things are going well in Dodgerland right now. No need to be get all dramatic…

  • ToyCannon

    The “garbage” I wrote was the garbage Manny said. I am not from Boston; I’m right here in LA. If you’re a journalist you need to learn how to write & you would know it is alright to critique what a player says & believes. For that $$$ the Dodgers are paying Manny, which is what the fans are spending on Manny, I, as a Dodger fan, would expect the guy to want to win a championship here in LA.