First cuts announced

They weren’t surprising. Pitchers Greg Miller and Justin Orenduff were optioned to minor-league camp. Pitchers Jacobo Meque, Yhency Brazoban and Ronald Belisario were reassigned to minor-league camp. Also, all the zero-to-three guys have now agred to terms for this season. And we expect a corresponding move for Manny within the hour.

  • Denton True

    Looking at the 40 man, Danny Ardoin seems like the most logical cut to make room for Manny.

  • Realist

    Oh…..and Milton was getting CLOBBERED yesterday. Everything hit hard.


  • TeamHasHoles

    Well, more importantly, did the Mariachi Band make the cut?

  • phillydodger

    Any word on how the battle for PH is shaping up? Is it DY’s to lose? Does Mitch Jones have chance of staying and becoming our “poor man’s Olmaedo Saenz?”

    Also, the Yankees need a 3b and we need PITCHING…how about Casey Blake for Hughes or Kennedy? That frees up a spot for (a cheaper) DeWitt, improves the defense and avoids having Blake being stuck in the 8 hole all year.

  • Buddy

    You ask a lot of questions.

    Mitch Jones certainly has some pop but needs a bit more polish. He might be a decent guy coming off the bench in a clutch situation. It’s still to early to make decisions on who’s going to make the final roster, however. That’s what spring training is partially for.

  • Denton True

    Mitch Jones is 30 years old. If needs more polish at this point, it’s probably not going to work out.

  • Dave R.

    …”a bit more polish”. Ha. What he needs is a Dominican birth certificate.