Manny Mania hits a new high — or low, depending on how you view it

The officially licensed Manny Ramirez Dodgers jersey, with No. 99, went on sale in the team store at the Ballpark at Camelback Ranch-Glendale during yesterday’s game with the White Sox. The price tag: a cool $275. And the worst part is, they were allegedly selling like hotcakes. People are actually buying these things at that price. Now in fairness, I suppose it’s possible that ALL the authentic jerseys are selling their for that amount — I didn’t bother to check the others. I just asked Greg Corns, the head of the joint venture between the Dodgers and White Sox, and he was unaware of the price or if any of the other jerseys had the same price tag, but he was going to check on it. … Pitchers are batting for the first time this spring, as the Dodgers play the Cubs at Mesa. So Randy Wolf is batting … second. Not sure why, but will ask Joe. Guessing it’s so they can get extra bunting practice.

  • Dougq825

    The Dodgers tend to rip you off when it comes to high end items such as jersey’s and team jackets. The Dodgers Clubhouse shop at Citywalk has far better prices. They dont have them in stock at the moment, but Manny jersey’s go for $189.99 (plus tax)

  • ToyCannon

    I bought one of those $275 jerseys last summer, well my wife did for my birthday, and I loved it. Practically wore it everyday until the season ended & started wearing again when spring training started. I’m getting my money’s worth wearing everyday (I have washed it as needed). It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

  • grumpy3b

    $275 would sure seem to reduce the number of Hotdogs one can buy in Glendale (CA or AZ)…then again would any of us pay $275 for one that says Pierre on the back? Perhaps we then those free with the purchase of a dozen of those Glendale dawgs?