What would spring training be without a mariachi band?

For some reason, there is one here today, a seven-piece mariachi band playing near the main (centerfield) entrance to the stadium. Although it’s a White Sox game today, it provided a nice, mood-setting backdrop as the Dodgers worked out on the back fields before boarding a bus for Mesa. According to Joe Torre, who was here at 10 til 7 this morning, Manny Ramirez was already out on the field running sprints with conditioning coach Brendan Huttman when Joe arrived. Manny will NOT be going to Mesa today. According to one of my more morning-oriented colleagues, who was in the clubhouse long before I straggled in at 8:30, when Matt Kemp walked into the clubhouse this morning, Manny greeted him with, “I was here at 6 a.m., where were you?” To which the ever-witty Kemp responded with, “I was here three weeks ago.” … By the way, as we suspected, Randy Wolf is batting second because Joe wants him to get at-bats, so this is probably going to be a regular thing now that pitchers are hitting. I also asked Joe, just casually on the back fields this morning, if he would ever consider settling the issue of Manny batting third of fourth by going the Tony La Russa route and batting his pitcher eighth. Joe didn’t totally dismiss it, saying it might be an option on days when Juan Pierre plays because then you could bat Pierre ninth and thus have three table setters batting immediately ahead of Manny in the three hole.

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  • Bootz

    On a side note, any word on Schmidt? I noticed he hasn’t pitched in a game yet.

  • thinkblue

    Also, was anyone signed out of the Open Tryouts that were last Friday?

  • Tony Jackson

    Nothing going on with Schmidt that we know of, but I’ll check on it. He last pitched in a B game against the White Sox last week. As for the open tryouts, they were TODAY, not last Friday. The only “name” guys I know of who were there were former Padres pitcher Brian Lawrence and former Tampa Bay pitcher Tim Corcoran.

  • surfacetear

    The problem is that Pierre is not a table setter. His OBP is not high enough to make him a real table setter.

  • I love Matt Kemp.