Jason Schmidt to make Cactus League debut Monday or Tuesday

According to Rick Honeycutt, Schmidt felt much better about his mechanics after throwing a side session this morning. He had appeared in an intrasquad and a B game and thrown live batting practice on the minor-league side for his first three turns, and Joe Torre told us this morning (before Schmidt threw off a mound in the strings area) that Schmidt hadn’t felt good about the way the ball was coming out of his hands. That was clearly just a product of the fact he hasn’t pitched competitively in so long. He now has plenty of time to make a strong run at the fifth spot in the starting rotation. … By the way, the mariachi band was replaced today by a band that plays island music, whatever they call that (tiki, calypso, I’m not sure what the word for it is). So Schmidt had a nice backdrop of Caribbean sound (or Hawaiin if you prefer) as he threw his pen. Maybe that was what made the difference.

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  • LASteve

    Key phrase for Ned’s favorite pitcher “live batting practice”, or not…but hey it was only a $47 Million dollar deal Ned.

    Is Sock Boras his agent or something?

  • Steve the Fan

    Did Honeycutt superglue the shoulder back together in the off-season?

  • phillydodger

    I would say after today’s 3 inning vs. Netherlands, Pedro would look a whole lot better in a Dodger’s uniform than Schmidt. Let JS start the season in AAA and get some innings under his belt…