Schmidt pitches tomorrow … and other stuff from Torre’s morning briefing

Jason Schmidt will start against the Rangers tomorrow and pitch ONE inning. It will be his first start in a major-league game, other than an intrasquad or a B game, since June 2007. … They made two more cuts this morning, shipping non-roster pitchers Carmen Cali and Edgar Martinez to the minor-league side. Could have something to do with the fact they combined to give up four earned runs on two hits and three walks over a total of two-thirds of an inning yesterday as the Dodgers were blowing a five-run lead against the Mariners. … Sandy Koufax is here, but Torre said he won’t be working with any of the pitchers because he is visiting his stepdaughter who lives here and will only be in for a couple of days. Sandy lives in Vero Beach, Fla., and routinely showed up at Dodgertown to work with pitchers there.

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  • DesertDodger

    With the poor performance of some of the middle relievers, like Cali and Martinez who were sent down to the minor league side, is there any further discussion about bringing in Joe Beimel? If Colleti thinks Shawn Estes is the answer in any role on the pitching staff, we are in for trouble. If Estes isn’t hitting the corners he will get rocked hard.

    Seems like we’ve spent a lot of money on our offense and I can’t imagine Joe Beimel would break the bank to add an experienced lefty to the pen.

    Tony, what is your opinion on how the 4th and possibly 5th outfield spots go? Will Juan be delt? Personally I like Repko over Delwyn Young. Better defender, speed, hustle and potential pop coming off the bench and to spell Manny in late innings. Thoughts? As spring training progresses, I’d love to hear your feedback and input on some of the roster battles going on, not only the extra outfielders, but the reserve infielders. DeWitt? Castro? Hu? Abreu?

    Went to the game yesterday vs. Seattle and was shocked the new digs doesn’t serve Dodger Dogs. That is almost un-American!