Dodgers to host SOUTH KOREA on Thursday … and Manny PROBABLY will play

Josh Rawitch tells me he is expecting a Korean media contingent of about 100 who are following the South Korean team through the WBC. Joe Torre said shortly before game time today that Manny won’t play before Thursday, but he still wasn’t 100-percent committal on that. So if you’re buying a ticket to that game for that reason, well … he’s probably going to play. … Jason Schmidt had a quick go of it in the first inning, and he isn’t running in the outfield yet. So it looks like he’ll get a second inning. Joe said he’ll throw about 40 pitches.

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  • Dave R.

    Sweet. I arrive in Arizona that day and hope to see Manny in action.

  • Dallas

    Hi Tony,

    Let me ask you your opinion on this; now that many starting pitchers in the NL have seen Manny, won’;t they pitch him differently ? I realize he will hit a baseball til the day he dies – the best hitter I have ever seen in my 45 years of watching the Dodgers & baseball in general. But I want fans to know he will not be quite the same as he was during the 2 & a 1/2 months last season. Most pitchers had never faced him.

    I also feel the same for Kershaw. I think his 3rd year we will see the SP to be in him. The vets in the league have all seen him over the first season, & will adjust, now he must do the same, or have a down year.

    Also, I think we are very weak in oue pitching staff – both starting & RP’s. I don’t believe Chad is ready to replace Lowe as far as # of innings required of the #1 SP. I feel Kuroda is too inconsistent over a long period of months, I shared already re: Kershaw & to me, they signed a sheep in Wolf’s clothing – the Spring is one thing, & his career ERA tells me otherwise. I liked what I saw in McDonald, but the other stiffs Dread Colletti siogned are has beens, juts like last year with Loaiza & the others; this year it’s Estes, Mota, Vargas, Weaver, Milton & I don’t ever see anything from Sturtze (sp?), Miller, Brazoban or Orenduff.
    I understand “competition” but not from this lot of lame armed pitchers.
    Thanks for the Blog & your time Tony !

  • Dallas

    I thought you maybe did some give & take here – seems it’s only your opinion & you don’t respond to others.

    Sorry as I’ll find an active Blog.