Manny says he’s still “shooting for Thursday,” doesn’t know how many games he’ll need

He did say he wants to look back at his spring-training stats from his Boston years to see how many games he typically played in and how many plate appearances he typically got in spring training, and he’ll try to gauge from that how much he’ll need to play in the 3 1/2 weeks that will be left of spring training when we all get back from tomorrow’s off-day. He also said the 6 a.m, arrivals every morning — during which he does “some outfield drills, run the bases and (run) some gassers” — aren’t a normal part of his spring-training routine that he is doing it now because he arrived late to camp and wants to make up for lost time. Joe Torre told us something interesting about Manny yesterday. Said he lifts weights in the weight room IN FULL UNIFORM. Not in shorts, not in a T-shirt. Talking full Dodgers ensemble, including BP jersey, game pants and belt. He doesn’t wear spikes, though. Guessing those probably aren’t even allowed in the weight room.

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  • phillydodger

    Manny lifts weights in full Dodger uniform.

    Andruw Jones gained weight in a (very) full Dodger uniform.

    I am liking this already…