Tony Abreu appears out of the running for utility-infield spot

He has improved dramatically from his right-groin problem, and although he isn’t running yet, he is moving laterally without pain. But when asked this morning if there was still enough time for Abreu to compete for the spot, Joe Torre said that Tony always faced long odds because he had missed so much time following sports-hernia and hip surgeries.
“To be honest with you, because he hasn’t played in a year and a half, even if he were completely healthy, he probably would need to go play (regularly in the minors),” Torre said. “He hasn’t done a lot of that lately.”
That means the last infield spot will come down to Blake DeWitt, Juan Castro, Hector Luna, Chin-lung Hu and Doug Mientkiewicz. However, there is a CHANCE that two of those guys could make it, even if the Dodgers go with 12 pitchers, because there is a possibility they will go with only four pure outfielders.

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  • rjthrelkeld

    Surely Delwyn will make the team, no? He’s too good a PH to get nothing in return since he’s out of options. Are you considering him as a 2B then? Tony, who plays first should Loney go down for 15-20 days? Is Blake the only option? Maybe you’re thinking they cut Pierre and Young is the fourth OF? Good thinking Tony!

  • Tony,

    Is the CHANCE more linked to Delwyn Young not making the club (exposing him to waivers, where he will surely be claimed) or a financially restructured Juan Pierre somehow getting traded?

  • Tony, I said the same thing this AM:

    “Since Casey Blake can play LF and RF, I think the Dodgers will keep just one extra outfielder and that is Mr. Juan Pierre.”

    You stealing my scoop?


    Just Kidding!

  • Tony Jackson

    They’re keeping Pierre. I think there is a chance they’ll try to sneak DY through waivers, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll still have Jason Repko/Xavier Paul if they need to call somebody up.

  • Old Brooklyn Fan

    This kid is just another hard luck kid, very similar to Jason Repko, who I call the reincarnation of Pete Reiser,
    only worse.
    Sending him down is the only thing they can do with him.

  • adevandry

    Delwyn Young is being outplayed by Xavier Paul and Mitch Jones, each of whom can play the field better than Pee-wee.

    In my opinion, Xavier can easily replace Delwyn. He’s a lefty hitter, a better hitter, and can play outfield.

    Since Casey Blake can play outfield, He will technically be the 5th outfielder. Hence Blake Dewitt or Doug Mientkiewicz will make the team as a backup 3B.

    I’m guessing Mientkiewicz, with DeWitt going to AAA.

  • BTW, I think Delwyn will clear waivers.

  • K Wolf

    I like Mientkiewicz, but it should be DeWitt who should make the team. I guess they both could possibly make it, since you don’t really need Hu,. He has failed to produce, and DeWitt can play any infield position.