Dodgers’ “interest” in Pedro Martinez is thus far nothing more than that

Learned this morning that there has been no contact between the Dodgers and representatives for Martinez for months, and that when there WAS contact, the price was so high the Dodgers didn’t even consider signing him and still aren’t considering signing him. The only way this happens is if the price comes way, way down, to a base salary not too far above the major-league minimum with a bunch of incentives thrown in. After all, if he was still vintage Pedro Martinez, the Mets would have re-signed him. And yes, he pitched well against the Netherlands, and yes, the Netherlands upset the Dominican twice in the WBC, but really, THIS IS THE NETHERLANDS. … The Dodgers sent Travis Chick and Scott Strickland to minor-league camp this morning. In case you didn’t know, they’re pitchers. Fifty-four left in big-league camp, not including Ivan DeJesus Jr., who is recovering from a broken leg.