Manny has no reaction to Papelbon comments

Jonathan Papelbon, the Red Sox closer, calls Manny a “cancer” in an interview with Esquire Magazine. So far, Manny’s only response to those comments is, “I just want to play,” which is very similar to what he has said every time some Red Sox player has ripped him since he was traded to the Dodgers. Basically, he has put Boston behind him.

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  • neoncactus

    Prancelbon needs to shut his mouth. He is one of the most obnoxious players in the game, yet went crying to the media because he and his family were booed in the All Star game parade in New York (what did he expect in New York?). I hope I never have to see him doing his little prance around the infield like a show horse again. That “cancer” he talks about is a huge reason he had the opportunity to prance around in the first place. Geez, what an idiot!

  • ELManiaco


    Have you heard anything about the John Sherman article from the New York Post about him “hearing” that Manny/Boras consider this contract with the Dodgers a 1 year deal with a safety net?? Apparently the link to that article is down? Did Manny’s people ask this guy to take down his article?? Image control and it doesn’t help what Papelbon had to say about Manny! I wonder how many more BoSox guys will come out and bash on Manny, I’m just waiting for Ortiz to say his piece.

  • Tony Jackson

    Maniaco, that’s basically what it is. It’s all semantics. A one-year deal with a player option or a two-year deal with a player opt-out, either way, it’s the same. Unless Manny suffers some catastrophic injury, we’re going to be embarking on Manny Watch II immediately after the season.