Still smiling after all these years

Got a chance before the game to say hello to Joe Glenn, whom I hadn’t seen in about 10 years. If you don’t know him, he is a longtime college football coach who was let go last fall by the University of Wyoming. More specifically, he is my all-time favorite football coach, a guy I had the pleasure of covering when he was at the University of Northern Colorado, where he won back-to-back Division II national championships in 1996-97, and I was at the Rocky Mountain News. I’m not a big fan of the culture of football, particularly the dour, humorless and often maniacally controlling personas that so many of the game’s coaches seem to have these days. But not Joe. He was the anti-football coach, a guy who if a writer showed up for practice would usually stroll over to the sideline and shoot the breeze with the guy for a few minutes. He once let me sit in on a quarterbacks meeting when I was up at UNC doing a feature on Corte McGuffey, who won that year’s Division II version of the Heisman (I forget what they call it). I have literally never seen the man without a smile on his face, and when I saw him today for the first time since 1999, he was still smiling as always despite the fact he is now between jobs. He is living in Scottsdale now and is attending this game with a close mutual friend of his and mine, Hall of Fame baseball writer Tracy Ringolsby. Powder River, let ‘er buck.

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  • Dave R.

    Tony – Guessing that big guy with the cowboy hat I saw you walking with yesterday was Tracy.