Dodgers drop a pair, one in extra innings

They rallied here, scoring four in the ninth off some guy named Carignan who started the inning with a six-run lead and promptly walked the leadoff guy. Ronald Belisario hit a two-run double later in the frame, but the Dodgers still lost to the A’s 10-8. The big story other than what I already told you in previous posts was that Josh Lindblom, their second-round pick in last year’s draft, made the trip out of minor-league camp and pitched two strong innings, allowing only a harmless, two-out double and retiring the other six batter he faced, ending it with a strikeout of Daric Barton with a man in scoring position. A dominating closer his junior year at Purdue, Lindblom is in the process of converting back to starting. The process began last summer at low Single-A Great Lakes, a level to which new draft picks are almost NEVER assigned, but Logan White and De Jon Watson felt this kid was good enough to bypass Rookie ball and needed a challenge right out of the gate. Joe Torre said we’ll see him again. … The boys lost 4-3 in 10 innings in the other game against Seattle, which your humble scribe didn’t see. Don Mattingly is now 0-1 managing split-squad teams. Blake DeWitt went 3 for 5. Orlando Hudson, Mitch Jones and Xavier Paul each had two hits, including a triple by Hudson and a HR by Jones. Paul is now batting .425 for the spring. Hiroki Kuroda finally allowed a run — two of them, in fact, although only one was earned. He did get roughed up for seven hits in 3 1/3 innings. His ERA for the spring skyrocketed to 0.75. … Dodgers drop to 10-9 overall..

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  • ToyCannon

    Jason Schmidt, Eric Milton, Shawn Estes, Claudio Vargas, Jeff Weaver, all either getting hammered and/or have continued health problems (these re-treads are thru), leave the Dodgers without a 5th starter. It’s time for Pedro & it’s time to bring Joe Beimel back as well. With a solid line-up, the pitching staff remains suspect.

  • rjthrelkeld

    So Lindblom begins the year at Jacksonville after only eight games with the Loons?

  • Marcel

    Lindblom had one start last year with Jacksonville, which is very aggressive since it was his first pro season.

    This year, he’ll start at the Dodgers’ new Double-A affiliate (Chattanooga).

  • Rolex


    The Dodgers don’t have an affiliate in Jacksonville anymore, the Chattanooga Lookouts are the new Double-A affiliate. But yes, Lindblom will most certainly start the year in Chattanooga.

  • Come on, we don’t HAVE to count THESE games, do we?

  • GScott


  • beerincreasesgoodcholesterol

    So why is Eric Stults poison? He’s “only” 30 which is impressive compared to most of the other names in the running for the 5-spot. He shut out the White Sox last year, finished the season with a 3.49 era with 7 starts, struck out 30 in 38 innings, only walked 13, is left-handed, and inexpensive.

    Exactly what’s the reason we can’t expect him to go out and give us some solid (for a 5-guy) 4.5 or under ERA ball?

  • neoncactus

    At this stage of his career, I don’t see Pedro as a huge upgrade at 5th starter. I think the bigger need is for a reliable lefty out of the bullpen and they should focus more on Beimel or Ohman than Pedro. If Pedro’s demands come down, then take a look, he’s not worth $5 million guaranteed.

  • Oldthunder

    Does anybody else feel like stan conte is like the failed leaders of AIG? This guy has to be the worst trainer in all of sports or he is sabotaging the dodgers. He knew Schmidt had the bum shoulder and advocated for him being signed. Also it seems like every dodger player has had some type of major injury in his tenure. I can’t keep track of the man-games lost to injury since w picked him. Saito, Schmidt, Furcal, Repko, Nomar, Jones, Penny, and all of our 3B last year. I mean the list goes on and on. What is this guy doing to the players? I can’t recall any other trainer that had players with that many injuries.

  • phillydodger

    oldthunder – I agree very much so! This guy was supposed to be so great with the Giants – but all he seems to do is mis-diagnose everything…and now the whole Manny fiasco.

    Personally, I just don’t trust the guy to make any kind of accurate assessment. For a team that goes through hitting instructors like toilet tissue, why we stay the course with this guy confounds me.