Manny update and some other morning stuff

blogging from the iPhone because the web access is really spotty in the work room this morning so please forgive any typos. Anyway, Stan Conte told me this morning that Manny’s hammy isn’t serious but tgat every precaution will be taken to make sure it doesn’t become so. He’ll hit in the cage and throw today but no running. Not sure yet about tomorrow. Split squad today. Most of us will be going to the Oakland game because Jason Schmidt is pitching. Other game is against Seattle, both on the road.

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  • phillydodger

    Hey Tony – Thanks for the updates, esp from the iPhone. Sounds like you must really love it!

    There seems to be rumors circulating that the D’s are interested in both Pedro and Biemel. Have you heard any rumblings?

    Also, with the Manny Hammy drama, it looks (as you predicted) as if J. Pierre is same and sound on the roster, esp now!

  • GScott

    Now TGAT’S DEDICATION! keep up the great work Tony. all of us stuck in LA appreciate it. You know, if the Dodgers really want to promote LA fans going to AZ in tough times they should offer a family package of bus ride/2 nights hotel stays/grass berm tickets on weekends. Seems too easy for them to not have done this yet.

  • Oldthunder

    at least it’s manram’s hammy and not his knee from Boston. We all saw how that turned out.