Schmidt not worried about being ready for the start of the season

That’s what he said after today’s two-inning stint in which he allowed no runs and one hit. There were also a couple of walks and two strikeouts, both on changeups. Also said he was more comfortable on the mound than he was in his previous start a week ago.
“I’m just trying to get out there and get on the mound,” Schmidt said. “I’m not thinking about opening day or five days from then. I’m just thinking about eventually getting back into a game in L.A. and pitching in the big leagues. I don’t have a set timetable. I’ll just let it dictate itself.”
This game has deteriorated into a horrid walk-fest. A’s scored nine runs in the third, sending 15 batters to the plate against three Dodgers pitchers who combined to walk three batters and hit two. All three of them — Jeff Weaver, Stephen Randolph and Shawn Estes — are candidates to fill two roles that are becoming desperate for the Dodgers, fifth starter and lefty relievers. A’s lead 10-4, bottom 7

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    The idea of Pedro is starting to sound more and more like a necessity than a luxury.