Schmidt out of running for fifth starter’s spot

Joe Torre made that pronouncement BEFORE today’s game, which means before Jason took the mound. The rationale is that Schmidt’s pitch count isn’t progressing and that he needed the extra day off between starts. He isn’t expected to throw more than 35-40 pitches today, roughly the same number he threw last Monday against Texas.
“I would say at this juncture … there is no way we can count on him for that right now, just because of the fact we are in that period of less than three weeks until opening day.”
It was a week ago today, after Schmidt made his first start of the spring, that Torre said the fifth starter’s job was his to lose if he stayed healthy and pitched effectively. But the fact he couldn’t bounce back quickly enough and that he still seems tentative with his shoulder means that he can’t be considered healthy enough.
“This is all about some time down the road getting him back,” Torre said. “At this point, we have no idea when that is. After what he has been through with the surgeries, I think you have to look at it as a continuing rehab.”
By the way, Schmidt looked strong in the first inning, retiring three of four batters with a walk, but he still looks tentative in his delivery. Dodgers were batting for a long time in the top of the second, so it’ll be interesting to see how he responds. He’s now warming up for bottom 2, Dodgers leading the A’s 4-0.

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