Cubs 12, Dodgers 3

The Dodgers’ starting rotation — and by that, I mean the four guys who we KNOW are going to be in it– has been roughed up for 14 runs on 25 hits over 13 1/3 innings this time through. For that mathematically challenged, that’s an 8.78 ERA (only 13 runs were earned). It all sort of came to a head today when Randy Wolf gave up seven runs on 10 hits over four innings. Of those seven runs, four of them were knocked in by opposing pitcher Carlos Zambrano with a three-run homer and an RBI double. In fairness to Randy, Zambrano is one of the best-hitting pitchers in the game. But fear not, Dodgers fans. This is basically an annual occurrence during the dog days of spring training — and these most definitely are those — when pitchers who have been throwing off mounds, throwing batting practice and throwing in meaningless exhibition games go through an inevitable dead-arm period that usually subsides well in advance of opening day. That’s exactly what this is, right?
“I hope so,” Joe Torre said.
Well, that sounds convincing.
James McDonald got roughed up today, too, giving up four runs in 1 2/3 innings. Torre said that probably was due to nerves now that McDonald really believes he has a shot to make the team. There weren’t really any positives on the offensive side for the Dodgers, either. They had five hits.
One guy who hasn’t been mentioned a lot this spring is Brian Mazone, a non-roster lefty who could sneak in and take that situational spot that no one else seems to want. He pitched a perfect ninth and has yet to give up a run in seven appearances this spring.
Dodgers fall to 10-10.

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  • Marcel

    Pedro has signed….with the Astros.

    At this point, giving Eric Stults a couple of starts would not be the end of the world. He did, after all, throw a complete game shutout against a good White Sox team last year.

  • Marcel

    Hold that thought on Pedro; might not be true.

  • phillydodger

    i know all the focus has been on the starting pitching, or lack there of, however i am just as concerned with the bullpen, namely Broxton.

    i know it is only spring training and the WBC has some very strange scheduling, thereby disrupting relievers/closers schedules as well, but Broxton just worries me.

    he throws the straightest 100 mph pitch in baseball and his slider isn’t all that nasty. why hasn’t someone encouraged him to learn a change up. and even in his fourth year, i am not certain he has a “closer’s mentality.”

    last night in the WBC, he comes in the top of the ninth and proceeds to walk the first batter, with USA down 4-3. that batter steals second (of course, because relievers don’t have good moves to first, for some reason?) the runner scores on a single and the USA has an uphill climb – of course they rallied for an unbelievable win and all is forgiven and forgotten, but personally i would feel a whole lot better with saito, biemel and park back in the pen.

  • rjthrelkeld

    It can’t possibly be that criticism of some of the starting five was merited?

  • Oldthunder

    Our pitching this pre-season has me scared. Only Bills and Kuroda are pitching well. Please tell me we can grab pedro as our 5th and get somebody who has an ERA below 6.

  • Andrea

    I still don’t understand why they let Park and Beimel go, as well as not even trying to convince Lowe to stay.

  • Marcel


    Kershaw is pitching well, too. Don’t let his ERA fool you; he’s only had Furcal and Hudson ONCE behind him this spring. Most recently, he was let down by DeWitt on what turned out to be a bad scoring decision.

    Reports are that he’s throwing more changeups (and for strikes), which will a huge weapon if he uses it consistently.

  • Oldthunder

    Marcel I hope you are right, I would love to see Kershaw have 3 pitches. That still leaves 3 pitchers i believe in, Billz, Kershaw and Kuroda… the rest of the pitchers scare the heck out of me. Maybe for once our offense can win games for us instead of our long held tradition of pitching.