Manny to spend off-day playing cricket

He is filming a promotional ad for DirecTV’s new Cricket Ticket Package. The satellite provider will be the only place you can actually watch cricket on TV in the U.S. … (I’ll pause here while you finish laughing) … So ManRam is going to “step onto the pitch to take his hacks” against Shaun Marsh, whom the press release I received refers to as “the most renowned cricket hitter of this generation.” I got a cricket hitter at my house, it’s hanging from a nail in the kitchen and I use it every time I see an insect … oh, wait, that’s called a fly swatter, not a cricket hitter. Manny does have the hamstring thing going on, but apparently all he is going to do for this thing is stand at the cricket equivalent of home plate. This release also claims that there are over 5 million cricket fans in the U.S. Do you know any of them?

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  • So much cricket hate in one post! 🙂

  • BruinFBBB

    I actually do Tony. My dad loves it. He stays up into the early hours of the morning to watch it. No joke.

  • earteaga31

    Wow Tony! Uncultured and ignorant? Yeah, that sounds like a typical republican to me.

  • Me. But there thousands, no, millions of expatriates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, (ex-British) West Indies, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africain this country, who are fanatical about cricket and can’t get it. Good move by DirectTV. I sit up listening to audio and following ball-by-ball commentaries on the internet.

    Wise up, Tony. There are millions more cricket lovers than baseball lovers in the world. Cricket is the second-biggest world sport. Some of those millions live here.

    By the way, there’s no such thing as a “cricket hitter”, you’re right about that. DirectTV must have wanted to be “baseball-friendly” or something. They’re called batsmen.

  • cjirwin

    My whole family is Australian and they love cricket – as do our English and South African friends.

    Funny story, we had a father/son baseball game when I was in high school. My dad played cricket when he was younger, but never baseball. So he tried playing in this game and hit really well. When it came to fielding, however, he couldn’t use a glove. My friends were shocked to see him in the outfield catching fly balls with his bare hands.


    I really resent the snarky attitude. What do you, the sports expert, know about cricket? If nothing else, you certainly ought to know that there are almost certainly more cricket fans worldwide than baseball fans (or fans of American football, for that matter). You should be ashamed at your provincial and parochial perspective, not gleefully proud of it, flaunting your arrogance in print and online for the entire world to read.

    I was born and bred in the US of A, my family has been in Los Angeles since the 1920s, and I am a cricket fan. (We are also fourth generation fervent Dodgers fans.) I have even tried my hand at playing cricket with others in Southern California on a few occasions (at a public park in Irvine, where there are competitive cricket leagues now, I believe).

    I would love to be able to watch the occasional cricket match on TV and your appalling ignorance and rudeness certainly does not help those of us who would welcome America’s gradual opening up to the diverse cultures of the wider world.

    J.B.C. Axelrod

  • skinnypunk

    You’re getting pretty hammered in the comments here, buddy, and deservedly so. Equating a cricket bat to a fly swatter? What terrible, terrible writing. Your post betrays your cultural insensitivity and ignorance. It’s a lot closer to baseball than you think — so you’ve basically just bashed a sport that is very similar to baseball. Congrats.

  • BruinFBBB

    Wow. The sensitivity brigade has arrived. Its understandable if you didn’t care for the joke but worse things have been said. Please lighten up folks…

  • El Lay Dave

    I believe they play cricket every weekend (in season only?) in the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Center in the San Fernando Valley, which I believe is still home to the Daily News, maybe 15 minutes down the Ventura Fwy?

    Oh well Tony, it was a clunker. Better luck next time!

  • Denton True


    Man, those cricket fans are a sensitive lot, aren’t they? They might be worse than soccer fans if this group is indicative. At least soccer fans admit defeat when trying to sell their sport to Americans. Sorry kids, it’s a lost cause. None of us will still be on this planet if and when cricket ever becomes more than a blip on the sports radar in the USA. Get in line behind badminton and squash.

    I turned on my TV once to watch a cricket match but there as nothing going on. The players had all gone off to tea!

    It’s slow and lazy. Cricket is baseball on valium.