Manny to spend off-day playing cricket

He is filming a promotional ad for DirecTV’s new Cricket Ticket Package. The satellite provider will be the only place you can actually watch cricket on TV in the U.S. … (I’ll pause here while you finish laughing) … So ManRam is going to “step onto the pitch to take his hacks” against Shaun Marsh, whom the press release I received refers to as “the most renowned cricket hitter of this generation.” I got a cricket hitter at my house, it’s hanging from a nail in the kitchen and I use it every time I see an insect … oh, wait, that’s called a fly swatter, not a cricket hitter. Manny does have the hamstring thing going on, but apparently all he is going to do for this thing is stand at the cricket equivalent of home plate. This release also claims that there are over 5 million cricket fans in the U.S. Do you know any of them?