Obligatory Manny update … and a handful of roster cuts

Manny says he isn’t getting frustrated, that he has to be patient and take it day by day, basically the same thing he said two days ago. He is going to try running in the pool today, but that is the only running he is allowed to do until the hammy heals completely. “No stolen bases,” he said. … Tony Abreu, Victor Garate, Brent Leach, Jesus Castillo, Lucas May and Travis Schlichting were all sent to minor-league camp this morning. All six of them were on the 40-man roster, but all of them except for Abreu and May were new additions to the roster this winter and thus are using only their first options. Ivan DeJesus also was reassigned. Because he is NOT on the 40-man roster, he doesn’t have to be placed on the disabled list after breaking his leg in a “B” game a couple of weeks ago. He is expected to miss about four months.

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  • Oldthunder

    Hey Tony, do you have any insight as to who the bench players are going to be this year? I know you are not torre, but in your eyes who are we going to have riding the pine this year? The OF we have potentially Young, Repko and Paul, and the infield is Dewitt, and who else?

  • DBD

    Tony, your blog is my favorite source for Dodgers info. One more question – I’ve been following the roster moves on here, but do you have (or know where I can find) a roster of everyone in the minor league camp?