Dodgers release Yhency Brazoban

Can’t say it’s much of a surprise, as it had been heading this way for a long, long time. Yes, he had arm problems and couldn’t stay healthy. But club officials were more exasperated by his inability (or unwillingness) to keep himself in good physical condition. He has been dramatically heavier the past couple of years than he was in 2005, when he was the Dodgers’ fill-in closer for a time and actually handled the role pretty well. You may recall he had been non-tendered last winter and re-signed to a minor-league deal, a clear indication that no other team really wanted him, either. This could be the end of his baseball career. Or not. We’ll see. … By the way, we have clarification on Lindblom. He’s going to get a long look, but it’s more to gauge his readiness for an in-season callup. He really doesn’t have much of a chance to be on the opening-day roster, especially given that he has exactly one career appearance at anything above Single-A and most players his age are still trying to earn their way TO A-ball. He does, however, have a decent chance of being in the majors sometime this year if he can take advantage of this opportunity, something he started when he retired six of the seven batters he faced on Monday against Oakland.

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  • rjthrelkeld

    Baseball-reference and cube list him as 6’1″/170. Yahoo lists him as 6’1″ but now he’s 250.

  • phillydodger

    yeah and shaq is 7’1″ and 325 lbs too!

    who knows why some guys just don’t get it – i.e. not stay in shape, not rehab, etc. Yhency’s career did flame out in a hurry. Hope Broxton doesn’t follow the same path…

  • rjthrelkeld


    In Tom Boswell’s WP chat today he said that Orlando Hudson failed the Nat’s physical. Can you get some more info as to why, when and how he passed LA’s. Boz didn’t say when the physical was given and I’ve never read it before but if he says it’s so, it’s so. Given the Jason Schmidt injury, is Ned being lax when giving out contracts to players with pre-existing injuries? Jamie won’t be happy money for fields is going to guys who are already hurt. That’s coming out of Ned’s bonus.

  • grumpy3b

    sad to read. so guys never get over the frustration and lose the desire after long drawn out injuries. Yeah, 6’1″ @ 250lbs is heavy but he could have gotten it down to sub 220 easily enough. Which would have helped him a great deal.

    Conditioning is a must for pitchers as they really need their legs to throw correctly and consistently.

    All in all I am really going to miss Brazoban as a Dodger. He made a HUGE jump from position player to MLB relief pitcher AND was outstanding at it. Perhaps the team relied on him a bit too much early on, before his arm and shoulder were fully conditioned. Then he might have not understood how hard he needed to work on conditioning to stave off injury.

    After this long out out of competition it is hard to imagine he will make it back. A shame really.