Manny update and a couple of other things

Manny Ramirez is running at “about 75-80 percent” according to a member of the team’s medical staff, and Joe Torre said Stan Conte told him that Manny should be ready to DH by the time the Dodgers play the Angels in Tempe on Monday. Not sure when he’ll play LF, but Torre indicated he’ll hold his breath and cross his fingers when Manny does play defensively. … Doug Mientkiewicz is fully recovered from his quadriceps injury and made the trip tonight, He is expected to enter the game later. … This is kind of a big game as it pertains to the battle for the fifth starter’s spot. Claudio Vargas is starting and expected to pitch three innings, with Eric Milton expected to follow and pitch another three innings. Both of those guys are near the top of a competition that no one seems to want to win. Right now, Milton appears to be the favorite.

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  • MattD

    Hey Tony,

    For the Indians game tomorrow, do you know if the Dodgers will be signing as if they were at CBR (since it’s a road game)? Reason I’m asking is I will be in AZ tomorrow and I was thinking of seeing if I can snag a few autographs. Do you know if you can just walk in like at CBR or do you need a ticket? Thanks.

  • Brooklyn Dodger

    Matt D.,

    Maybe Tony knows something I don’t (actually, I’m sure there’s a lot stuff he knows that I don’t), but my experience tells me that you will have to buy a ticket, and pay a parking fee to even have a chance at an autograph.

    CBR is the Dodger’s training complex, so they work out on the fields outside the stadium prior to games. When they visit the Indians at their complex (or any other teams complex) they will not be using the training facility of the home team. Perhaps you might get lucky and catch them when they arrive on the team bus, but I’m not sure they would be signing autographs at that time. And if they they were, you would have to know the time and location of their arrival. For example, I saw a Colorado fan getting an autograph from Brandon Webb outside CBR prior to a game.

    Not being a person who much cares about autographs, I haven’t paid much attention as to whether the Dodgers sign autographs for fans prior to road games. Tony could probably shed more light on that.

    By the way, having read that some of the Dodgers have been hit by the flu, I fully understand. In spite of the fact that I took a flu shot this year (but rather late, in Janaury or February), I have apparently contracted the bug during my stay here in Glendale. I’ve had a persistent fever for the last 4 days, but it seems to winding down.

  • KevinS

    Uh, Tony??? You were saying about Milton?

  • Marcel

    Josh Lindblom is terrific.

  • Brooklyn Dodger


    Being ill, I missed the game tonight, but I did see Lindblom’s pitching line. He is definitely someone I have hopes for, and his two appearances so far show promise. But he is less than a year out of college, and probably would be better served working on his secondary stuff, and his overall pitching repertoire as a starter in AA. After all, this is spring training, which is light years different than the regular MLB season. Also, seeing that he pitched the last 2 innings leads me to believe that by the time he entered the game he was probably not facing Kansas City’s best hitters.

    Again, he’s a solid prospect, and may well see time in LA this year. Still, I doubt he will open the season in LA, if only not to put too much on his shoulders given his lack of professional experience, but also to better allow him to develop so that he can actually be a valuable addition later in the season.

  • Tony Jackson

    Matt, Brooklyn D is right, you will have to pay to park because the White Sox have a home game tomorrow. But Brooklyn D is also wrong, because you won’t need a ticket if you aren’t going into the stadium. I’m not sure what time the team bus leaves for Goodyear, but if I were you I would be waiting by the back fields, where the team comes out of the clubhouse, no later than 9:30 or 9:45 to get a good spot up on the rope. They usually come out around 10. Sometimes, the Dodgers bus first and then take BP in the other team’s main stadium. But with Goodyear being one of the closer trips, I’m fairly certain they’ll take BP on their own back fields, then bus to Goodyear. Yell at me if you see me.