Goodyear: the Cactus League’s OTHER new facility

This place is really nice, although it’s a little more antiseptic and has more of a suburban feel. CBR was built to blend into the desert scenery, This place would blend in perfectly if there was a mega-mall across the street, which there very well may be one day. It sits in the middle of a vast prairie where you could build a DOZEN mega-malls. All that aside, though, I really like it … and there are already Cincinnati Reds logos everywhere, even though the Reds won’t be here until next year. The third-base dugout has Reds logos painted all over the top of it, just as the first-base side has Indians logos. Also, off to the right, there is a parking facility for commercial jetliners that aren’t presently in use. There are about 25 of them parked over there, almost every airline represented. … James McDonald has pitched three hitless innings, facing the minimum. He might just sneak up and take this fifth starter gig.

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