An only-in-spring-training kind of moment

Today’s game between the Dodgers and Angels is sold out, and most of us who were coming to Tempe from Glendale got here well after 11 a.m., by which time most of the good parking spaces were long gone. As my daughter and I were walking across a distant lot on our way into the stadium, I made eye contract with a lot attendant, who was chuckling about something. He points to a very expensive sports car parked nearby and says, “That guy’s putting his uniform on in the car.” I looked, and it was … Chad Billingsley, today’s starting pitcher for the Dodgers, who had to park his car in a public lot. I’m hoping he didn’t have to pay the $5 fee that was displayed on the board as we drove in, which I was able to dodge by showing my media credential. But at the very least, Chad did have to walk across the lot, wearing his full uniform, on his way in. Yes, spring training is a bit more laid back than the regular season. … By the way, with Venezuela having been eliminated from the WBC on Saturday, Luis Maza arrived back in camp today. It’s too late for him to make a serious bid at making the club, but I’m betting he’ll get at least some big-league service time this year. With the U.S. having been eliminated last night, Jonathan Broxton will be back soon, probably tomorrow.

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  • crzblue

    LOL! That is funny! Wonder why Chad did not change before. Haha, I did that once when I changed my mind and ditch another place for going to the stadium