Minor injuries, in order of their minor-ness

So three Dodgers got hurt in yesterday’s game against the Halos: Chad Billingsley and Mark Loretta each hurt their right groin muscles, while Blake DeWitt bruised his quadriceps.

One day later, it seems like Loretta’s injury is the most serious because trainer Stan Conte said it was higher up, in a place where the injury is “notorious for hanging around” so the team is going to be more conservative with him. Joe Torre said he’ll be held out four or five days.

Billingsley was out playing catch today and Conte said that he didn’t feel any worse this morning than last night, which is a very good thing. So he’s in the old “day-to-day” mode.

Conte said that most pitchers with groin injuries like Billingsley’s are typically able to throw bullpens without incident, but you don’t know how it’ll really respond until they get into a game and “compete.”

“If we’re undecided about whether he can get into a competition, it’ll be a `No,’ ” Conte said. “You don’t have room to make mistakes this close to Opening Day.”

DeWitt was taking ground balls today, but Torre said he might be a little limited the next couple of days.

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