• phillydodger

    any thoughts on why eithier over loney? loney led the club with 90 rbi last year and eithier was hitting a ton batting in FRONT of Manny. i would even try kemp in the cleanup spot at least for a month or so…

    why not go back to that and move O. Hudson to 8th. Yes, I know he is a veteran and will hate it, but he also is coming off wrist surgery and who knows how well he can really hit.

    do we really want kemp buried in the 7 hole?

  • Dave R.

    Either is better than any measure, particularly in the power department.

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Hey PhillyD

    I’ll ask Torre about it at some point, but my guess is that Torre would prefer Ethier be the guy leading off the second inning if the side goes in order in the first. Andre has the ability to bat second and be more of a top-of-the order kind of guy because of his speed. That would fit for Russell too, if Torre switches it up based on the pitching matchups