Billingsley feels good after simulated game

Sorry, forgot to blog this earlier.

Chad Billingsley threw about 65 pitches in a simulated game this morning, mostly against Casey Blake and Danny Ardoin, and said he felt “great” afterwards.

That’s great news for the Dodgers, who were worried his groin injury could affect his availability to start the season.

“He threw all his pitches and had absolutely no hesitation,” Joe Torre said. “It’s not a game yet, but I feel a lot better watching him today he didn’t look like he was favoring anything he said he felt great and he worked hard.”

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  • phillydodger

    I just want to say what a great, great job you are doing with all the detailed posts!

    I know this batting lineup thing is going to get kicked around for quite awhile and given Torre’s propensity for moving everybody around, I still get it.

    Outside of Furcal batting leadoff and Manny in the three hole, everything is up for grabs.

    I’ll bet you a Philly Cheesesteak Kemp will be the clean up hitter by the All-Star break!