As impressive as Josh Lindblom has been this spring, it sounded an awful lot like he’d start the season in the minors, then be looked at as a midseason call-up.

“I still put him in the category of Kershaw,” Joe Torre said, referencing the Dodgers’ handling of Clayton Kershaw last season.

Coincidentally or not, Clayton and Josh have become best buds in camp this year. They just met in January, but seem to have hit it off. Obviously, there are quite a few similarities…

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  • Buddy

    On another note, is Tony Jackson gone? His name no longer appears on the columnist page.

  • Ramona Shelburne

    Nope, Tony was off last week, but he’s back today!

  • Buddy

    Thanks Ramona,
    I hope I can speak for all of us in saying you’ve done a fantastic job in reporting. Keep up the good work!

  • lawdog

    Anybody got a link to some video of Josh pitching? I’d like to see for myself just how close his stuff is to Kurveshaw’s.

  • lawdog

    For those interested (like me) in actually seeing video of Josh pitching, the following article has slow motion takes of is fastball from the stretch (94 mph) and his splitter from the windup (87 mph):